Monday, October 23, 2006

Filipinos Surrounding Me?

I ran out of cole slaw, last night, so I planned to stop at Tesco on the way home from work. Hassel, the Malawain who's been car pooling with me, asked me to drop him off at the temp agency's office. I had intended to head on to the larger Tesco, on the other side of town, after dropping him off, but I forgot and started driving home. I received a message from my mobile phone's voicemail that I had messages. I checked my phone credit and it had completely run out. Then I remembered. Well, I could buy a top up at Tesco, as well as cole slaw, but I didn't want to double back and waste the petrol. What to do? I decided to go to the smaller Tesco, nearer to where I was.
The one advantage to this smaller Tesco is that it's easy to find parking. Not finding anything I wanted in the "reduced to clear" section, I picked up two 250 gram Tesco Value cole slaws, as they don't stock the 500 gram size, there. I added a package of Tesco Value batteries...AA my basket, for the Sky remote control, which has been giving a low battery warning over the past few days. I then looked over the checkout counters, to select the one I would use. In front of me was one with a male cashier. Pass. To my right, the nearest open till was so far away, I couldn't make out what was at the register. To my left was the extra wide checkout aisle, with an innocent looking oriental woman, with glasses, manning the register. She had absolutely no customers, so I headed for her.
"What's going on, here?" I smiled at her and continued, "you have no customers. Have you scared them all off?"
She smiled shyly and said, "maybe they are scared of me."
"Do you charge extra, or something?" I enquired. "I bet you charge extra. I will have to keep my eye on you. Where are you from?"
"The Philippines," she said, grinning, but not meeting my eyes.
"I know someone who works at the other Tesco, on the other side of town, who's also from the Philippines. Do you know anyone who works there and is from the Philippines?" She shook her head in the negative. "Her name is Corazon." She indicated that she didn't know Corrie. Then she told me my total was £1.03. I had my debit card in my hand, to pay, but that seemed too small an amount to use a card. Hang on, it should have been more than that. I had forgotten to ask her for the Vodaphone top up.
"Wait! I want something else," I said. I dug around in my wallet for my Vodaphone electronic top up card. When I looked up, she had removed her glasses. I asked for a £5 top up, then said,"hey! What happened to your glasses?"
"I don't like to wear them." She was wearing them when I first came to the till. She kept grinning, coyly.
"They look good on you," I told her. I tend to find women in glasses attractive. She had no name tag on. She had some sort of ring, which could be a wedding ring, but if I didn't know better, I would have said she'd taken her glasses off to improve her looks in front of me. Some sour looking person was waiting to pay, so I took my leave. Maybe I should come back to this Tesco again.


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