Saturday, October 21, 2006

Layabout in Lace

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped in Sainsbury's. I haven't been there for some time, as I have been doing most of my shopping at Tesco, recently. I have been buying petrol from Sainsbury's, because they have the lowest price around and they have a special offer of triple Nectar points until the end of October. I was in Tesco on Thursday night, picking up some cole slaw, when I started to pick up some other products I need. I stopped myself realizing that I had enough Nectar points to get money off at Sainsbury's. I decided to purchase these items at Sainsbury's instead, where I could redeem my points and get money off. Aren't I a clever shopper?
Friday, at Sainsbury's, I discovered that microwave popcorn was on sale, so I picked up two boxes. I also purchased a couple of items that were marked down because they reached their sell by date. I also decided to pick up a birthday card for my mother. Her birthday is Halloween. When I was a kid, she used to tell me she was a witch, because she was born on Halloween. Obviously, my mother was one of those nurturing, carer types. My shopping bill came to £9 something. I redeemed two rewards and received £5 off, so I didn't have to pay even £5 for shopping.
When I got home from "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra," I was so tired, I went to bed, after a late dinner. Out of the habit of getting up early all week, I awoke at 6:45 this morning. I decided to sign on to the internet, doing internet stuff till around 10AM. Feeling tired again, I went back to bed for a nap. I ended up sleeping till just past 3PM. I missed the Chris Hawkins radio show on LBC 97.3, London. Back onto the internet, I managed to entertain myself till past 5PM. It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't had a meal all day. This morning, I had eaten some peanuts that I had by my computer, but had no proper breakfast, nor lunch. Deciding it was time I eat a meal, I went out to go downstairs. Pausing at the top of the stairs, I heard the sound of a television coming from my youngest housemate, M1's room. I also heard the TV downstairs. M1's exotic beauty of a girlfriend had stayed the night, as she often does on weekends. The door to his room was wide open, so I moved over to his doorway, prepared to say hello. The sight that greeted me stunned me to silence. The exotic flower, herself, was laying on the bed, wearing only black lace panties and a shirt. Fortunately, she had her back to me and hadn't noticed me standing there. I quickly moved back to the head of the stairs and went down.
Downstairs, I discovered M1 in the lounge, with the downstairs TV on and doing some ironing. True to form, he was watching skateboarding on TV. What's wrong with this picture? I am reminded of the old story of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. He's downstairs ironing while the hottie is laying about on his bed in her underwear. I asked him if his girlfriend watched "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra?" He didn't know. How clued in he is. I wonder if he knows her name. He finished ironing and headed back upstairs, leaving me free to turn on something interesting on TV. I prepared an early dinner and planned my evening's TV watching. When dinner was ready, I lost myself in chicken, potato, sweetcorn, carrot cauliflower, and broccoli, trying to get the image of the exotic flower curvaceous, black lace attired rear out of my head. Why would she lay about like that, with the room door open, when she knows I am home? Didn't she hear the noise of me opening my door and venturing out?
M1 and exotic flower came downstairs, later, on their way out somewhere. I looked up from watching TV and shouted hello. Exotic flower paused and turned around, saying hello back. I asked her if she watched the "Supermodel: Extra" show. She said she did, so I told her I have been attending every episode. I walked over to the doorway to talk with her. From my conversation, I determined that she is a bit confused between the main show, "Make me a Supermodel," and the "Extra" show. I suspect she has been watching the main show, but not the "Extra" show. Now that I have told her I am in the studio audience, maybe she will tune in. There was no sign from her that she realized that I had seen her, earlier, in her underwear. Maybe she can watch me on TV, while M1 irons.


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