Saturday, October 21, 2006

Is All Well At the Supermodel House?

I almost missed the "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra" show, last night. When they were discussing my attending the series, they emailed me a list of dates for the live show. It seems that list is incomplete. The list didn't have a show on Friday, this week. So, I took my time coming home from work. It's a good thing I double checked the tickets they sent me. I had a ticket for a Friday, 20 October show! So much for a relaxing evening at home. I quickly showered and got dressed, then headed off.
I managed to get away from home at about the same amount of time in advance as I had Thursday. After listening to the traffic report, I got stuck in traffic on the M25 that was not mentioned in the report. I abandoned the motorway and took the same A road as I did Thursday. While I was driving, some woman from the show called my mobile and left a voicemail. She rambled on so long, the voicemail cut her off before she said what she wanted. She had withheld her number, which is why I didn't answer. Bill collectors often do that, so I usually don't answer calls from withheld numbers. Anyone with legitimate business will leave a message. I hadn't counted on this woman, who didn't manage to leave a number to call back on, or a complete message. Judging from the rambling bit I did hear, it almost sounded like she was going to tell me not to come. She prattled on about the show being busy, but that they do want me to come back. Once she realized she had been cut off by the voicemail, surely she would call back. She didn't. Until now, the day before every show, someone has called me to verify that I am still coming. No one did Thursday, but then I was at the show Thursday anyway.
The A road seemed to be moving faster, last night and I didn't fall behind. For once, I arrived about 20 minutes early. There was already a queue, even though the show airs later on Fridays (10PM). I joined the queue, behind a Chinese couple. Okay, so only the guy was Chinese, the woman was only part Chinese, she said, like that makes a difference. They ended up taking photos with me. I know, Chinese with a camera sounds a bit cliched, right? They promised to email me the photos, so I could show you, and I promised to write about them. So far, they haven't lived up to their end of the bargain, so I can't mention them anymore, till they do. The woman with the clipboard finally started talking to us. When she got to me, my name wasn't on her guestlist. That's strange. Every other time, it's been on. She said not to worry and wrote it in. As Harrison Ford would say, in "Star Wars," "I've got a bad feeling about this."
People in front and behind us (me and the unmentionable Chinese couple...OK, one and a half Chinese) were let in, while we waited for over an hour. The clipboard woman told us not to worry, that the show wasn't over subscribed that night, so we would get in. If that was the case, what the heck did the woman want who phoned me? Anyway, we were the only ones left outside (cue "Left Outside Alone," by Anastacia). Eventually, they let us in. There was still beer left. I started drinking from a small bottle of Stella, hoping to manage another one before we went up to the studio. I ended up having three. Result!
One and half Chinese and I were the last people taken into the studio. I was sat in the back row...again. It was an eviction night, with two of the would-be models, one boy and one girl, given the chop. The freshly evicted joined us in the studio, for their first post-eviction interview. Co-presenter, Jasmine, was looking particularly ravishing, in a wine red outfit. After the show, as we were leaving, a woman from the show's staff came up to me and, said, "did you get my message?" I informed her that I only got the beginning, until the voicemail cut her off. She still didn't indicate what it was about, but said she would call me "tomorrow." The mystery continues.
You can chck out "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra" at: There is an omnibus show on Sunday, so maybe I will get to see myself. How many of these things do I have to go to, before I am a "fashionista?"


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