Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Luck?

On the way home from Slough, yesterday, I stopped at Tesco. I didn't need much, because of all the free stuff I had gotten, care of Marks and Spencer, but I wanted some cole slaw, potato salad, hot sauce, crisps, toothpaste, salad dressing, and microwave popcorn. I decided to buy some Tesco Value toothpaste. It was a fraction of the price of the name brand toothpastes I usually buy. Why not give it a try? I just end up spitting it out, anyway. When I went to pick up the cole slaw and potato salad, I found a real prize. Instead of the Tesco Value brand I usually buy, I saw a large container of Tesco Potato salad, marked down to 30 Pence. I usually buy a 250 gram Tesco Value container, for 29 Pence. This was 600 grams of the full quality, Creamy Tesco potato salad, for only 1 Pence more. It was marked down because it had reached its sell by date. Sadly, there was only one container. I would have bought two, at that price.
Then, I looked down for the cole slaw. There was a 600 gram Tesco Creamy cole slaw for 27 Pence! I usually get 500 grams of Tesco Value cole slaw for 38 Pence. And there were several containers! I took two. Oh, what a great Friday the 13th it was. I looked for Corazon at the checkout tills, but she was nowhere to be seen. I ended up selecting a till manned by a very dark, pretty woman, with a Caribbean accent. I had never seen her before. I asked her if she lived in Bracknell. She said she did and asked me if I did, too. "Yes, I do," I said. "It's not exactly a place you are going to commute to, to go shopping." I kept staring at her hair, which seemed unnaturally straight. Was she wearing a wig? She seemed very friendly. Could it be because I had purchased some Caribbean style hot sauce?


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