Thursday, October 19, 2006

Extra Early

Tonight, I planned on leaving extra early for "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra" and I did. I left forty minutes earlier than I did on Tuesday. The result? I arrived three minutes later than I did, Tuesday. London traffic does my head in. When I arrived, I showed the guard my invitation. He politely told me to wait in a short queue (line). This had never happened before. I heard voices coming from inside. I was only five minutes late. Don't tell me they already let so many people in that I was locked out. Above me, I noticed a sign which read, "General Audience Queue." There was another queue on the opposite side of the entrance, with a sign that read, "Priority Audience Queue." Now, there were only two people ahead of me in the general queue and there were two people in the priority queue, so there weren't a lot of people ahead of me, but who knows how many were inside already?
The two from the priority queue were let in. I was thinking, "if I have come all this way and they don't let me in, I will feel very angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." It would be cool if I could do a whole Hulk thing and turn into a behemoth when I am pissed off. I bet they'd let me in then. Three more people turned up and mentioned something about being guests of Jasmine, to the guard. He checked inside and then they were let in. Finally, the gate opened and out walked a man and a woman, both of whom I had seen before. The woman had a clipboard and asked the two women in front of me for their names. Then, the man starts to give them wristbands, like we had Tuesday. The woman asked my name, next. I told her and she checked her clipboard. "you're priority," she said, and moved me to the other queue. As she I took my place, alone in the priority queue, the guard apologized to me for keeping me waiting. This was more like it!
The audience warm up guy peeked out. He recognized me and we talked for a bit. Then I am ushered inside and directed to the drinks table. I grabbed another small bottle of Stella Artois beer. Standing with other people waiting, I tried to drink the beer as fast as possible so I might acquire another one. Just as I finished the beer, another woman with a clipboard comes over and calls out my name and another man's name. After we responded, she asked us to follow her and leads us inside. When we get into the studio, there are only two other audience members inside already. Instead of being in danger of not getting in, I am one of the first few.
I am directed to sit in a specific chair. The production assistant tells me I will be asked question by one of the presenters I am placed in the second row on the side of the studio. I should get a lot of air time, here, plus I would get to talk on camera. That's exactly what I wanted. I sit there, watching other people being led in. All of a sudden, yet another woman with a clipboard turned up. She explained that, since I have been there before, she would like to swap where I am sitting to another place. OOooohhhh! But I didn't get to speak, before! She leads me right back to the same row I was in on Tuesday. What a stitch up! Doesn't she realize? I'm a priority!
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