Monday, October 16, 2006

British Police Seem Obsessed with Road Closing

Yesterday, there was a fatal motorcycle accident on the A3. The accident occurred at 2:30PM and two people were killed. The police closed the road, which caused havoc on all other major routes into London from the west and southwest. At 6PM, I was making my way into London, to attend the first episode of "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra." I live southwest of London. My preferred route to the location would have been via the A3. I heard that it was closed on a radio traffic report. I planned to take the alternate, western route in, via the M4 and A4. As I approached the M25 on the M3, A traffic sign informed that the M4 was congested. So, I decided to stay with the M3, which runs into the A316 and go in that way, via Richmond.
Not long after the M3 ends, the traffic on the A316 was bumper to bumper and crawling. I eventually abandoned that road, following a sign for a local road to Clapham Junction, where I picked up the A3 past the closure point. I ended up arriving an hour and 15 minutes late. My journey took twice as long as it should have. Listening to the radio on the way in, I heard the news that the police expected the A3 to remain closed until at least 10PM. The accident occurred at 2:30PM. That would mean the road was closed at least seven and a half hours. It's unfortunate that two people died, but how long does a road need to be closed? Seven and a half hours is ridiculous. How long does it take to scrape a couple of bodies off the roadway?
I don't remember roads being closed that long in America, for simple accidents. The police, here, seem to have no regard for the traveling public. All of Western London was disrupted for hours, yesterday. Causing such jams increases the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere (green arguments are so in fashion, these days). My car was running twice as long as it should have been. How long does it take to draw some chalk lines around a body and take a few photographs? The police, here, should start watching "CSI: Las Vegas." The whole show only lasts an hour and they figure out murders.
Because I was so late, I ended up sat right in the back of the audience. Because of that, I got little, if any screen time. Tomorrow, I will be attending the next episode of "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra," which airs at 9PM on the new digital channel, Five Life. I expect to be there early, this time and will try to sit in front, so look for me. Anyone riding or driving in London, tomorrow, don't crash. It ruins your whole day and makes me late. And police, when dealing with traffic accidents, get your grove on and clear the road, ASAP.


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