Sunday, October 22, 2006

Making Supermodels Without Me

The woman from "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra," who called me on Friday, called back, today. Her name is Natasha. Despite the fact that I told her Friday that I had only heard part of her message, she asked me again if I got her message. I clarified that I only heard the beginning, up to when the voicemail cut her off. She finally got on to what she wanted. She said that because they have such a small studio and they end up turning people away every show, they'd like me not to come for the next couple of weeks, but come back at the end of the series. She seemed to think that me being seen to be at every show would be "unfair" to the people who get turned away. I pointed out that Steve, the original person from the show who had spoken to me about attending the show, had said that I could attend every show in the series. I committed to attend every show and they sent me tickets to every show. Is it fair for them to go back on that agreement?
I am one peron. Is it going to make that much of a difference if one person doesn't attend? So they can admit one other person. Most of the people attending are in groups of two or more, so how is having one extra seat going to matter? On Friday, two people walked out part way through, during an ad break, so they had to sit two staff members in their places to fill the gap. I told her that if I wasn't going to attend all of the shows, I wouldn't bother attending any more of them. She tried to make amends by saying I would be welcome to come back, later in the series. I repeated to her that I didn't see the point. If I am not doing the entire series, then the heck with it. I have been to four already. It was costing me money in traveling, anyway. If they think losing the publicity from me writing about the show is worth it, just so some twat doesn't realize that the same guy has attended all the shows, then so be it. Personally, I would think that the new channel, Five Life, could use all the publicity they can get.
So, don't bother tuning in to "Make Me a Supermodel: Extra," anymore, as I won't be on it. Frankly, you aren't missing much, as you can still watch the main show on Channel Five. The "Extra" show wasn't living up to its potential, anyway. They failed to take advantage of my attendance, by having me talk with the presenters. On Thursday, when they claimed they wanted me to talk, they changed their minds and used others. One of the people they used froze up when he was asked a question by the presenter, Anthony. That's just what you want on a live broadcast.


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