Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ofcom Get One Right

This week, it's been announced that Ofcom has cleared UK reality TV show, "Big Brother,"of any wrong doing after investigating the 270 odd complaints received over this year's series. . Among the complaints, some people complained that the producers were using winner Pete's Tourettes for entertainment. What is wrong with these people? I met Pete, when I auditioned for the show, this year. He was well up for it He knew what he was doing. Why shouldn't he be able to participate? Heck, he won!
I don't have much time for useless "government" agencies, like Ofcom, but I must say they made the right call, in this case, which surprises me, as I don't have any faith in government weenies. How much must not be going in someone's life for that person to complain to Ofcom about a TV show? If you don't like it, change the channel, or turn the TV off. You want government to change TV to suit you? I didn't like who won "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" Should I complain to Ofcom and have them change the outcome? I wanted the foreign girl to win. I didn't like how Billy behaved on "Eastenders," tonight, should I ask Ofcom to make the BBC change it? I don't like that Darth Chris has ruined the Opal Bonfante show, but you don't see me complaining to Ofcom about it do you? I might organize a protest, burn effigies of Darth Chris, and get the world's women to refuse to sleep with him, but I would never complain to some "government" agency.
Speaking of "Big Brother" and refusing to sleep with someone, the good news about "Big Brother" being cleared is balanced against the sad news that Pete has dumped Nikki. I am not surprised, as I never thought Nikki was Pete's type. Still, I can't help feeling sorry for the poor little blond, tantrum princess. An ex-boyfriend of hers claims she has an insatiable sexual appetite and that it was probably too much for Pete to handle. If she has an insatiable sexual appetite, she should be going out with me. The Black Queen said sex was all I was good for. Opal Bonfante has described my voice as, "overtly sexual." I don't know if I could put up with Nikki's tantrums, though.


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