Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Challenge Johnny Vegas

Last night was the third show of the new Charlotte Church TV series, creatively called, "The Charlotte Church Show." It seems like her guests are improving a bit. This time, she had Johnny Vegas, Nelly Furtado, and Will Smith. I was in the kitchen, getting my dinner, when I heard it announced that Will Smith was a guest. The audience cheered and I thought, "oh my," that's a big star. When I sat down and watched it, I discovered that it wasn't THAT Will Smith, but a comedian I have never heard of. Still, Johnny Vegas and Nelly Furtado seem like a step up.
I didn't used to like Johnny Vegas, very much. However, I thought his appearance on Charlotte's show, last night was excellent. I found his interview with Charlotte to be the best she has done, yet. Johnny kind of ran away with the show a bit and he had me laughing several times. For the first time, Charlotte ditched the "Wales vs the rest of the world," bit. She still did the hidden camera sketch and this time, instead of disguising herself, she entered herself in a celebrity look-alike competition as someone doing a look-alike of Charlotte Church. I found that amusing. I also discovered that Nelly Furtado has small breasts. She's still pretty, though and she did a duet with Charlotte to end the show.
My only objection to Johnny Vegas was that he was introduced as, "pound for pound, Britain's funniest man." I think I outweigh him by a pound, so that would make me, pound for pound, Britain's funniest man. Oddly, he looks bigger than me, which means he's either short, or he lies about his weight. In any case, I think we need to get to the bottom of this. Therefore, I hereby issue a challenge to Mr. Vegas. I think he and I should appear on TV for a weigh-off and see who is, pound for pound, Britain's funniest man. Is Johnny a big enough man to accept my challenge?


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