Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My UK Television Debut

Tonight, after catching "Eastenders," I was looking over the offerings on the menu for my Sky satellite TV service, when I saw "Diet Doctors" airing at 8PM, on terrestrial Channel Five. Back in July, I taped a segment for "Diet Doctors," which they said would air sometime in September. Could this be it? I put the show on and finished making my stir fry dinner. There are these two little doors that open to provide a serving hatch between the kitchen and the lounge/living room. I usually keep them open, because if I stand in the right position, I can see the TV through the hatch, from the kitchen. This helps a lot when I am cooking. Tonight, I kept alternating my attention between the beef I was stir frying and the television.
This episode of "Diet Doctors" was called, "Top to Toe." It was sounding like it could be the one I did. Suddenly, there I was. When you tape something, or do a film, you never know if you are going to make the final edit. Oh, I think I looked good. I had hesitated about doing the show, as it required coming up with some part of my body to say I disliked. Focusing on one's perceived bad points is not a natural action for an actor. We are usually trying to do the opposite. What finally swayed me to do it was the money. They were paying and I was desperate. Besides, I figured, it's Channel Five, so no one will see it anyway. Now that I have seen it, I think I looked good and I wish everyone had seen it.


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