Thursday, September 14, 2006

Three Shows I Saw For the First Time

Last night, I saw the new "Princess Nikki," for the first time. It's the series starring Nikki, from this year's "Big Brother," series 7 (UK), where they show her trying out working in various jobs. I didn't have high hopes for the show. Yes, I am still a little bitter over not getting selected, myself, for "Big Brother," this year and I wanted to be given a series from having been on the show, but that wasn't it. I found Nikki entertaining when I watched her on "Big Brother," before she was evicted. After she was evicted and then put back in, I thought the magic had gone. Once she learned, in the outside world, what people liked about her, she seemed to be trying too hard to be that person, rather than just being herself. I was worried that this "Princess Nikki" series would suffer from that. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and I did laugh out loud, several times. It airs on E4, so you need some form of digital TV to see it. I will watch it a again.
One of the things I like about Iain Lee (who does "The 3 and 1/2 hour, 3 to 6:30, Iain Lee Afternoon Wireless Show," on LBC 97.3, London, Sky Channel 0177 and on the net at: , and presents "Celebrity Soup," on E! Entertainment Channel), is that he shares my taste in a lot of television. Because of that, I took note when I heard Iain talking about "The Dragons' Den," on his radio show. I heard Iain say, on several occasions, that the BBC show was good. Tonight, when I saw it on the menu, I decided to try it out. The show features a group of five successful business people, who hear pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors, seeking investment in their business ideas and products. The "Dragons" then say whether they are willing to invest or not. I found the critiques from the "Dragons" to be very entertaining. Iain has been slating the looks of the female Dragon, Deborah Meaden. Iain usually says he goes for the older woman. I don't actually know how old she is, but she looks older than Iain. He's 33. I find her attractive. I would, but then I am 14 years older than Iain. I have the ability to see beauty in a wider range of women.
Finally, probably because I have been doing a bit of extra work, lately, I keep having people say, "have you seen 'Extras?' " "Extras" is a comedy series with Ricky Gervais. This is the second series of "Extras," but I never saw any of the first series. Ricky scored big with his "The Office," program. When I saw "Extras" was on, tonight, after "Dragons' Den," I decided to give it a try. I had heard some interviews with Ricky, promoting the show. He said Orlando Bloom was funny playing himself. The promotions worked and sparked enough interest in me for me to tune in. Orlando was funny, acting like he was obsessed with being perceived as a sex symbol and knocking "Pirates of the Caribbean" co-star, Johnny Depp. I will watch more of this series, as well. I think working as an extra, myself, definitely caused me to relate to the show.


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