Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Like It

Last night, I called Opal Bonfante, while she was doing her "London Calling" show, on the Big L 1395AM, London (Sky Channel 0190 or via the net, at: ). I guess, as it was after midnight, it was technically this morning, but I hadn't been to bed yet, so it felt like last night, to me. Opal's show airs Monday through Thursdays, 10PM to 2AM. Before I called, I had watched some music videos. One catchy tune which I happen to like is, "I Like It," by Narcotic Thrust and I saw this video. The tune was going around in my head.
Inevitably, Opal and I end up talking about music. She always offers me a request of a song, but often doesn't have what I want. She then subjects me to something that seems calculated to drive me mad. So, as a shot in the dark, I asked Opal if she had "I Like It." Of course, the answer was no. She had never even heard of it. She made a comment that she has made before, suggesting that I am making up the song. It seems that the Big L hasn't sprung for Sky at the presenters house, yet, so she is terribly unaware of the videos in current rotation, here in the UK. I have noticed that the video channels seem to break a lot of new songs earlier than the radio stations get them.
Well, me being me, I had just about had enough of Opal questioning my veracity, so I surfed the net and found that one can see the "I Like It" video online. So I sent her the link, to prove it is a real song. The video is comprised of seven pretty girls, dressed in black mini skirts, black crop tops, and holding blood red pom-poms. The kind of look like cheerleaders, but then again, not. Someone decide to attire them in white panties, instead of black ones, which we keep getting flashes of. They dance to the song, shaking their pom-poms. The choreography is very simple, but it works on some level. The colors are similar to the color combination used by Dannii Minogue, in her "So Under Pressure" video. Opal watched the video. When I asked her what she thought of it, she said it appeals to her lesbian tendencies which she doesn't have. I'm not sure whether that means she likes it, or she doesn't. You can see it yourself, at:
I like it.


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