Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not Talking to Iain Lee and Big L News

This afternoon, I called Iain Lee's "3 and 1/2 Hour, 3 to 6:30, Iain Lee Afternoon Wireless Show," on LBC 97.3, London (Sky Channel 0177 or via the net at: ) Iain was talking about the Scissor Sisters. They have been receiving a lot of attention in the UK media, recently. Iain said they are rubbish. I think they are okay, but I agree that all the hype seems unwarranted. I wanted to tell Iain about what James Max was up to, this past Sunday. James had been criticizing my choice of Evanescence as my "Artist of the Week," this week. He then went on to choose Scissor Sisters as the top of his Top Five, and play one of their songs. James was part of the Scissor Sisters hype, this week. Agent Chris, Iain's producer, said he'd try to call me back.
As Iain's show progressed, he started saying he was going to do a listeners calendar and people could call in and ask to be a month. As time went by, Iain noted that few men were calling in for the calendar. Mostly, it was women. I wanted to be July, as it's my favorite month. Iain also said he finds women with pointed ears attractive. I have said the same thing, over the years. Kirsty Allie, in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," the Romulan woman in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier," Kim Cattrall, in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." Liv Tyler in "The Lord of the Rings" films. Jolene Blalock in "Enterprise," oh yeah!
Suspecting that Chris wasn't going to call back, I tried calling again, but got a busy signal. I hit redial, over and over. Busy, busy, busy. Then it rang, but rang off unanswered. Chris didn't know that I also wanted to talk about women with pointed ears, or be July in the calendar, as these subjects had come up after my original call to him. As it got later and later, July ended up the last month unclaimed. I couldn't get through and Chris didn't call me back. Finally, someone else claimed July and it was Triple M. Too late. Another radio opportunity gone.
Speaking of radio opportunities missed, tonight I learned that the Big L's transmitter is back online, finally. I am finally able to pick up the station in my car and on radios in the house. Sadly, the only show on the Big L 1395 AM, that I thought worth listening to, has been ruined. Opal Bonfante's "London Calling" show has been fouled by new management. As I have written already this week, Opal's evil new boss, Chris, has forbidden her from taking calls from listeners, on air, anymore. Her interactions with the listeners were the most entertaining aspect of the show. It's as if evil Chris has kidnapped Opal and replaced her with a drone. After Opal goes off, the station is automated, so maybe he likes having a robotic Opal to replace the hot and funny Opal we all love. Opal hates it when I talk about Opal Drone, as she thinks it's a bad reflection on her. Let me make it clear that none of this is Opal's fault. It's all the fault of evil Chris. Contact details for the station can be found at . Flood evil Chris with letters and emails, complaining about the banning of callers. As it stands, you won't be able to hear Opal and I joking about anymore. Unless some clever other station gives us both a show together. I suspect that this evil Chris just wanted to put his fingerprints on Opal's show, as the new boss. Radio management routinely have no clue how to improve programming. As often as not they make changes that make programs worse, rather than better. Oh the thought of evil Chris putting his fingers on the lovely Opal is sickening. Get rid of Opal Drone and free the real Opal Bonfante!


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