Sunday, September 17, 2006

Artist of the Week: Evanescence

This week, my artist of the week is Evanescence. They are from Little Rock, Arkansas, in the USA. Finally, something good from Arkansas, to balance out giving the world the Clintons. I loved their first major label album, "Fallen." It's been in my car 6 stack CD changer for ages. Their new CD, "The Open Door," is due out shortly, on October 3rd. Even though my favorite song by the band is "Everybody's Fool," I have selected "Call Me When You're Sober" as my profile song for the week, which is the first single from the new album.
The band's style of music has sometimes been described as gothic metal, alternative rock, nu metal, piano rock, arena rock, and wagnerian rock. When I first heard them, my first thought was that they sounded like Linkin Park with a female singer. Not only do I find Amy Lee to be very beautiful, with stunning eyes, I think her singing is fabulous. She has such a strong sound. Given how much I liked their "Fallen," I was concerned that the new album would not be able to match the high standard previously set. I'm quite pleased with the first single, "Call Me When You're Sober" and I hope the rest of "The Open Door" is similarly pleasing. If you haven't already added them as friends on Myspace, you can check them out and add them, at: . Do leave them a comment and tell them I sent you.


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