Monday, September 18, 2006

London Isn't Calling Anymore

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time, now, will know that I routinely write about London radio presenter, Opal Bonfante and her show, "London Calling," which airs on the Big L 1395 AM. Not only have I called in regularly, I have urged you all to listen and contact Opal yourselves. I think Opal is very entertaining and one of the best radio presenters in the world. Certainly the best female radio DJ I think I have ever heard. Thus, it is with great sadness that I must announce that Opal isn't taking calls anymore, on her show.
I found out tonight, that her new boss has insisted that she stop taking calls. My experience of radio management, on both sides of the Atlantic, is that they haven't a clue what makes good radio programming. Howard Stern used to complain about this and I experienced similar problems when I was involved in radio, back in America. Here, in Britain, I see the same sorts of bad decisions, vis a vis programming, coming from management. Opal Bonfante's "London Calling Show" was...notice I say was...the best thing on the Big L. I'll go further, it was one of the best programs that play music on UK radio. The thing that made it so good was Opal's humorous interactions with listeners who called in. Now this new manager has killed the best part of the show. Without the callers, the show is just another music show. What's worse, the Big L's transmitter hasn't been working for months. So to listen, you have to really make an effort. I tune them in on Sky. Others listen over the internet. Let's face it, with iPods, MP3s, and CD players, who needs to listen to a music show on the radio? I can play my own music on my computer. I tuned in to hear Opal and her humorous interactions with the callers. That is something I can't get anywhere else. That is what motivated me to go through the ordeal of finding a way to hear the Big L and tune out from TV, and other stations, to hear her. If she's now going to just be a clone of the dozens of other stations on offer, why should I bother? Instead of stopping Opal from taking calls, he should be encouraging the rest of the station's presenters to start taking them.
I am sorry for Opal, because I really enjoyed her. I have already seen another listener posting on the Big L forum that he won't be listening anymore. I know some of you have started listening to Opal's show because you enjoyed hearing me on the air with her. Well, that will be no more, it seems. I suggest that you write to the Big L's management and complain about the gutting of the "London Calling" show. Or call the station during business hours and register your complaint. In writing is better. Hopefully, Opal will get a job at a better station, where her creative talents are given room to blossom. Maybe, if people stop listening, management will get the message.


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