Friday, September 22, 2006

Looks Like I Am Off Today

The work I originally had lined up for today has been cancelled, so it looks like I am off. In a way, this is good, as I feel like being off. But I need the money and it would have paid me well, so that's not good. When I don't have to work, I like to sleep late in the morning, as I stay up very late at night. One of my two housemates, S1, has a child by some girl he's not married to. S1 usually works nights, but was off last night. He had the S child stay over. Now it's up and making noises I am not enjoying. It's like a toddler or something. It has leaned to speak a few rudimentary words and started yelling "daddy" early this morning. Subsequently, it started playing some flute toy S1 has provided it.
I got up early because I received a text from my "handler" at the temp agency. He was trying to schedule me for work, next week. I needed to let him know I am tentatively scheduled to shoot a TV show on Wednesday. It's so hectic trying to co-ordinate acting work with temping in between. I need a butler, but can't afford one. The production company who I am doing the TV episode for sometimes changes the shooting days at the last minute. The last time we were shooting, I booked myself off with the temp agency for a Friday, only to have the production people change the shoot to Saturday, at the last minute. By then, it was too late to let the agency know I was available and I missed out on a half day of work. It would be so nice to get to the point where I get enough entertainment work that I can stop temping. I meant to just call my "handler," then go back to sleep. Of course, I signed on the internet to check my email and Myspace messages. Then the S child started making noises. I've been up for almost two hours, now. Usually, S1 takes the S child out for the day. It's raining. I hope this doesn't mean it will be here all day, blowing that bloody flute


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