Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big Brother Nominations 3

The third set of nominations are in and this week, Carole, Jonathan, and Seany face the public vote for who will be the second housemate evicted. This is the first week that all housemates have nominated. Many members of the viewing public are surprised that Charley wasn't nominated, but she only escaped nomination by one vote. With the past week's events in mind, this trio are not that much of a surprise. All of them have annoyed other housemates. Carole seems to order everyone about and is constantly complaining. Seany's practical jokes haven't endeared him to many of his fellow housemates. Some of the young women think Jonathan has been "perving" over them. Meanwhile, other housemates have picked up on the same observation that I have. Jonathan doesn't need to be in there.
Jonathan is a multi-millionaire. He could finance his own show, if he was so keen to be on TV. Not only doesn't he need the money from winning, by his own admission, he doesn't want the money. I think he's just taking up a space that some poor person could have. Those of us without money, who could benefit in a life-changing way by being on the series, are probably a little pissed off that someone who totally doesn't need it is in there. I waited hours in line, two years in a row to be on the show. For that reason, I think Jonathan will be the one evicted on Friday. It would be different if he'd come in there and been totally charming, winning the audience over, but he hasn't. He's a bit too full of himself and a bit too quick to look down on his fellow housemates, with cliched, poorly articulated criticisms, which aren't even entertaining to watch. Get the rich dude out.

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