Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nando Attacks

On Friday, I arrived home from work before Nando did. I had planned on going away for the weekend. As I was feeling tired, I took a nap before getting ready to leave. When I woke up, I discovered that Nando had come home. I was excited because I managed to acquire a free case of beer at work, Friday. I intended on sharing it with Nando. After showering and getting dressed, I went downstairs and retrieved the case of beer from the boot (trunk) of my car. Nando was sitting in the kitchen when I walked in with the beer in my arms. Smiling, I said, "look what I got for us."
Instead of responding in a pleasant manner, my racist, Italian housemate started speaking to me with a great level of hostility. He demanded that I empty the rubbish bin in the bathroom, before I left on my trip. I had never been spoken to in that way, by Nando, in over four years. He seemed to be sqeemish over the bloody tissues in the rubbish bin, from when my nose was bleeding. I pointed out that he could have removed the bin liner himself, at any point, by its handles, without touching any of the contents. However, if he was too squeamish to do it himself, I was perfectly willing to do it, so there was no problem, nor any reason to speak to me with such anger and hostility. So, he changed the subject.
He then started complaining about how much food I had in the fridge. Next he complained that some bread and pizza I had was moldy. He threatened to tell the landlord. I don't understand why he's spending so much time observing what I have on my shelves. Nando has lived with me for over three and a half years. I have always experienced some food going moldy before I could eat it. I reminded Nando of this and asked him why he was acting so upset about it now? I accused him of acting like a girl. He didn't like that. "Don't call me a girl," he said. I had discovered a button to push. He complained about a bag of fish I had in the fridge, because condensation and oil had pooled in the bottom of the bag. Why that bothered him I don't know, but I reminded him that his milk often leaked, yet I never hassled him about that. I removed the moldy food and threw it out, as well as the bag of fish.
I asked Nando if he had his share of the Sky bill, as it was five days past due. He accused me of asking for it because I was angry with him. That was nonsense! I told him I was planning to ask for it anyway, as I needed the money. Nando said that when I got back from my weekend away, that I should not speak to him anymore. "Fine," I said. I could ignore people better than anyone else, having learned it from my mother. Sadly, it looks like a friendship has come to an end. In over four years of knowing each other, we'd never had an argument before. I felt betrayed by someone I thought I could trust. Looks like the cold war is on.

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Blogger © Karelian Blonde said...

Sounds like Nando had something else eating him but you just happened conveniently arrive at the worst possible time and got your head bitten off. Give it time...

5:25 AM  
Blogger JosephintheBracknell said...

He's never treated me like that in over four years. He's been bothered before and just acted a bit ssurley. I think he's been influenced by the newcomer, Hitler's nephew.

4:31 PM  

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