Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big Brother Nominations 2

This week, the housemates on "Big Brother," series 8, who are nominated for eviction are Carole, Tracey, and Shabnam. Poor Shabnam comes as no surprise, as so many seem to have something against the exotic beauty. However, with newcomers Gerry and Seany being two of the four people empowered to nominate and given the power to chose who the other two would be, I just couldn't predict how things would turn out. Gerry and Seany interviewed their fellow housemates, before deciding who the other two who have nomination ability would be. They chose the twins, Sam and Amanda, a move I didn't expect. To me, selecting Sam and Amanda was like giving a pair of monkeys the keys to the space shuttle...anything could happen!!!
The unlikely foursome, newcomers and the twins, produced a quite reasonable result. Shabnam has been unpopular and is now enjoying her second week as a nominee. She only was saved last week, by Emily getting herself kicked off the show and the eviction being cancelled. Carole and Tracey have been increasingly marginalizing themselves from the main group of housemates, so their nominations are also quite reasonable. I am sad to say that I expect Shabnam to go. She has proved unpopular with the public, even though I like her. I am so certain she will be the one evicted, I was going to bet on it, but the bookies have closed off betting on her, because it's so one sided. The betting public is putting most of their money on her to go, too. Poor Shabnam. Whatever happens, there will always be a place for her in my life.
Who goes? You decide.

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