Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last Night's BBBM

As amazing as this is, some of you didn't see "Big Brother's Big Mouth," last night. Because of that, you missed me. I made a joke that got the most laughs of anything said on the show, including more laughs than any of the presenter's jokes. That's good, as his were pre-written for him. It was George Galloway's first time presenting the show. George is a serving Member of Parliament and was a housemate in "Celebrity Big Brother," last year. when George approached me with a question about the shortage of toilet paper in the house, I pulled a piece of toilet paper out of my pocket and said, "I have some toilet paper, here, they can have." The rest of the audience burst out in hysterical laughter.
In an irony of ironies, one of the two celebrity guests, last night, was...none other than Pete Burns! Why is that ironic? Well, I can now reveal that the reality show I auditioned for, two and a half weeks ago, was "Pete's PA" (see "Attempting to be Social," 19 May, 2007). The series involves hopefuls competing to win a job as Pete Burns' PA. During the audition, I was interviewed by Pete and a couple of experts. It's possible part of the interview will be shown, when the series airs on Living TV. After BBBM, I was following Pete and his boyfriend out of the studio, when I called out to him. He looked around and returned my wave with the that look that people get when they totally don't recognize you. Oh for Pete's sake! It's only been two and a half weeks. Am I that forgettable? In a doubly ironic twist, during the show, Pete made a disparaging comment guessed it, Jodie Marsh! Pete was also a "Celebrity Big Brother" housemate, with George Galloway, as was Jodie. He called her stupid and I, of course, reacted with indignation at that ridiculous accusation. I have heard that Jodie has a very high IQ and, judging from when I was interviewed by her, on Sunday, I think she's very clever. How incestuous the entertainment world is.

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