Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Back!

It's that time of year again. "Big Brother" (UK) is back on Channel 4. The hit reality show began its eighth season on Wednesday, with a new twist. Eleven housemates entered the first night...all of them women. In another first, the first two of the women were twin sisters. The third entrant was a 60-year-old, making her the oldest BB housemate ever. She gives me hope, as I am only 47. Having auditioned twice, myself, I was worried that I was being passed over because of my age. My pursuit of "Big Brother" has gained a new lease on life, as I calculate I have another 13 years to keep trying
Some observers complained that an all female house would make dull viewing. As a man, I find it fascinating, because it gives me the unique opportunity to see what women get up to when none of us men are around. Already, on the first night, the girls have fondled the breasts of at least two of their fellow housemates. That is uniquely female behavior of the first degree. In a group of all males, none of us would be inclined to start fondling each other's balls. Another appealing aspect of this year's crop of contestants is that they include the largest number of beautiful women of any BB series, so far.
In any case, the experiment is about to change. Tonight, a new, male housemate will be added into the mix. What will the bevy of beauties make of him? For the past two days, they have been clamoring for some men to be put in the house. Be careful what you wish for, ladies. You might get it.

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