Friday, May 25, 2007

I Almost Went Out Again

Today, at work, I overheard two catering assistants talking about going to the cinema this evening. What surprised me is that the younger one, who's in her late twenties, was talking about going out with the older one, who's older than me, I think. I have never heard of these two socializing before. So, I did what any red-blooded, ease-dropper would do. I said, "why didn't you invite me?" The younger one said she didn't think I would have been interested, because I wouldn't want to spend the money. Gosh, it's surprising how well she knows me. I let her know that I could have made an exception. They had already bought their tickets, over the internet, and it was reserved seating. Some cinemas in the UK still have reserved seating. I have never heard of one in America doing that. Because of the reserved seating, even if I bought a ticket now, I'd not be seated next to them.
Then, a lifeline appeared. The younger one said her boyfriend was supposed to be going, but he might not, as he was thinking about going away for the evening. She complained that she'd already bought his ticket. Quicker than you could say, "pushy American," I shouted out, "if he won't go, I'll go." Now, I had no expectation that my offer would be taken seriously, but the young one said she would call me if he decided not to go. She took my mobile number. The film they were going to see was "Pirates of the Caribbean III." I admitted I hadn't seen II yet. The young one informed me that Pirates II is available on Sky Box Office, on pay-per-view. In theory, I could go home, watch II, then go with them to see III. They are going to the 10PM show. This was getting expensive.
For the next few hours, I thought excitedly about the prospects for this evening. I hadn't been to a movie since I went to see, "Curse of the Golden Flower," with Tom. and I hadn't been with a group in years. Then, around two in the afternoon, the young one walked into the plate room, where I was working. She told me that her boyfriend had decided to go after all. All of the sudden, I was out on my tushy! I had been struggling with discomfort, because I wanted to go back to the pub I went to last Friday night, but I also wanted to go to the cinema. Now, I had no prospects of either. To make matters worse, after I got home, Nando went out for the evening. The Austrian psycho has shut himself in his room again and I'm all on my own. I've gone from a full social calendar to having nothing to do, in the blink of an eye. There's not even anything good on TV. I guess I'll watch a DVD.

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