Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hitler's Nephew?

Have you noticed that I haven't been writing about my second housemate, the Austrian? We haven't been speaking to each other for almost two months, now. This started not long after he'd moved in. We were having a little debate and he cited a couple who are friends of his as a source, while discussing UK citizenship law. When I challenged his source, saying, "do you believe everything people tell you?" he flew into a rage, started swearing, and shut himself up in his room. On his way to his room, he accused me of trying to provoke him. He hasn't spoken to me since and I have returned the favor.
I have been suspicious of this strange little man since he moved in. I think he's some sort of nut and I tend to refer to him, when mentioning him to my friends, as, "the psycho." For all we know, he could be Hitler's nephew. Hitler did come from Austria, after all. He's obsessed with cleaning and once spent 45 minutes scrubbing the back of a frying pan which wasn't even his. He's reneged on paying a share of our Sky bill and regularly offers Nando a beer, while ignoring me. He's refused to use the tomatoes I gave him and spends most of his time in his room. Before, when he did speak to me, he regularly talked about the passengers on the buses he drives, describing how he'd like to commit violence upon them. If you end up on his bus, I feel sorry for you.

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