Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Mouth Pilot

Tonight, I went to the pilot for "Big Brother's Big Mouth" (BBBM), which I had been invited to attend. Originally, I was supposed to be accompanied by Chef Anthony, but he cancelled at the last minute. Who could I get to fill in at the last minute, like this? No, not Gandhi. Gandhi's dead. My artist friend, Jan, came to mind. I sent her a text message and she called me back. This put me in an uncomfortable position. She had offered to go, originally, but I had talked down the idea, as I had already invited Anthony. Now, here I was talking up the same idea I had been arguing against, a few days ago. Somehow, I managed to sell the idea, because in the end, she agreed.
It was exciting to be at Elstree Studios. BBBM is broadcast from next door to the Big Brother House. Here I was, so close to that famous house, which I have twice auditioned to be in. So close, and yet so far. The staff were great. We waited in a room with free wine, beer, and soft drinks. Once we were on set, we taped two pilots, each with different hosts. BBBM haven't confirmed who the new host is going to be, yet. I am still sad that Russell Brand quit. He'll be a tough act to replace. The first taping was with a duo hosting. Two lads who's names I can't remember. I overheard someone say they do a children's TV show. One was tall and ginger, while the other one was short, with brown hair. I found them distinctly unfunny. It seemed like they were trying too hard. Their gags were a bit over the top, kind of like you see on children's TV.
The second taping was with Peaches Geldof, daughter of music legend, Sir Bob Geldof. Peaches was less experienced than the previous two, but she seemed more genuine. If it's between her and them, I hope she gets it. After the show, I was wracking my brain, trying to come up with a good idea for a replacement for Russell Brand. Obviously, I would be great, but they don't have the balls to go for me. Who might they accept who is good? Suddenly, it came to me...Opal Bonfante! She has TV presenting experience and is genuinely funny. Hot and funny is a good description. Besides, she already works for Endemol, the same company that produces "Big Brother." I've sent her a message, suggesting that she try for it. I am looking forward to doing BBBM when the series starts, in nine days. Then, instead of just free drinks, they will have free food as well.

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