Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Mouth?

I have been invited to a pilot of this years "Big Brother's Big Mouth," (BBBM) next week. I am very excited to be involved with the show, as I have been watching it for a couple of years. Last year, I acted as the "unofficial" Big Brother correspondent on Bill Buckley's radio show, on LBC 97.3FM, London. I have auditioned to be a contestant on "Big Brother," for the past two years, but producers still haven't recognized the potential in me as a housemate. Bringing my big mouth to BBBM may be the next best thing. It's too bad that Russell Brand won't be hosting, this year, as I found him very funny and perfectly suited to the show. I wonder who the new host will be? Of course, it should have been me, but we need to get past that now. I was asked if any of my friends would also like to do BBBM and, after much discussion with said friends, I decided to bring Chef Anthony along with me to the pilot. He has even a bigger mouth than I do. Anthony's been one of my most vocal supporters of my show business career, such as it is, so far. It's nice to be able to reward him with this opportunity. Also, he might split the petrol costs, with me, of going to the studio. My first "Big Brother" prediction, this year? I think they will have a housemate with a physical handicap, possibly someone in a wheelchair. You read it here first.

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