Monday, May 14, 2007

Supermarket Reunion

My artist friend, Jan, came over to see me, Sunday. I think this was partially motivated by a desire to see how I was doing after my hospitalization, last week. I was happy for the visit, because Nando, my racist, Italian housemate, was working on Sunday. Jan actually got me out of the house, which is a rare thing on a Sunday, when I don't have an audition, nor acting work. She wanted lunch and I had some meat, but no bread to make sandwiches. Worse still, I was out of cole slaw. Jan offered to drive me to Tesco and that was an offer I couldn't refuse. I directed her to the bigger Tesco, on the far side of Bracknell. I hadn't been there for a long time, as I have taken to stopping at the even larger Tesco in Sandhurst, on the way home from work.
When we got there, I discovered some things had changed since my last visit. The first thing I noticed was part of the car park was dug up. That doesn't really help the parking situation. Inside the store, the management had undertaken a program of rearranging the layout of the store. This seems to be a common problem affecting a number of stores in the Tesco chain. As the change was in progress, there was confusion and parts of sections were split amongst two different locations. As we wandered about the store, I saw what looked like a familiar back and side of someone's head. It was my friend and former co-worker, Russell Davidson. He's also a friend on Myspace. I looked for Jan, who kept wandering off, to introduce her. She's previously found Russell's comments on my blog very funny. This was their first time meeting in real life.
Russell and I talked for a while, then he needed to finish his shopping. I have been saying that I want to get to the point with my acting where I am recognized in Tesco. This wasn't quite what I had in mind. I meant recognized by strangers who want my autograph, or want to tell me useless things about themselves, or even who want to touch my monkey. I had lost Jan again. I tend to go through a supermarket in a very methodical way, starting from one end, then going up and down each aisle, one after another, till I reach the other end. Jan, on the other hand, seems to have an approach that reminds me of a drunken walk. It careens this way and that, with lots of doubling back on itself. Appropriately, I found her in the wine section. She had talked herself into buying herself some wine. Her interest in drink is similar to my friend Tom's. "You, me, and Tom should go shopping together," I said to her. Although Tom and Jan have communicated through Myspace and on the phone, they have yet to meet face to face.
Once Jan had finished her gathering, I led us towards the checkout tills. Ironically, straight ahead of us, as we came to the end of the aisle we were in, was none other than Corazon, the Heart of Tesco. I don't remember seeing Corrie since Christmas. I pointed out Corrie to Jan and prepared to introduce her, but Jan made a lateral move to a parallel till. She thought this would be quicker, as we could both check out at the same time. I was more interested in having her meet Corazon. I wasn't in a hurry. It was Sunday, after all. Corrie said she was surprised I remembered her name. Of course I would remember, she's previously been a star of my blog (see "Heart Stopping Supermarket Checkout," July 31, 2006 on blogspot; July 26, 2006 on Myspace). While we were talking, Jan came over, as she'd finished her checking out ahead of me. In the end, I did get a chance to show Jan Corazon, after all. It was great to encounter Russell, Jan, and Corazon, all at the same time. Maybe next time, you'll be there as well.

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