Sunday, May 20, 2007

Artist of the Week: Mutya Buena

This week, it gives me great pleasure to select Mutya Buena as my Artist of the Week. Formerly of the successful British girl group, Sugababes, Mutya has embarked on a solo career. Her first single from her upcoming solo album, "Real Girl," is the title track. It's due out next Monday, the 28th of May, with the album to follow in June. The video has started getting airplay on the video channels and I've even heard the song on radio. It's already reached 11th in the charts, based only on downloading. I have been waiting months for the release of her solo material and I'm happy to say that I'm not disappointed.
It was Mutya who got me interested in Sugababes to begin with. The synthesis of a combination of genes from her Irish mother and Filipino father, her beauty is seasoned with an exotic flavor, which finds particular expression in her eyes. When I first saw her in the video for "Round Round," when she was still with Sugababes, I was hooked. When I heard she was pregnant, I did feel sad. The news of her leaving Sugababes was even worse. What a relief to have her back in the charts. I hope that "Real Girl" is merely the first in a long line of hits, so Mutya will be performing for us for many years to come. Check her out on Myspace, at: . This accolade is just in time for her 22nd birthday. Happy birthday, Mutya.



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