Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Big Brother 8 First Nominations

Tonight on "Big Brother," the first nominations for eviction were revealed. During this first week, the only male in the house, Ziggy, was the only one with power to nominate. I think most of us expected him to nominate Charly, as he's been critical of her all week. Well, surprise surprise, he nominated Shabnam and Emily! Sadly, one of them will go on Friday night. They represent two-thirds of the most beautiful women in the house. What on Earth was he thinking? Shabnam wasn't that much of a surprise, as she's been saying she wants to leave the house. She got into trouble, the other day, for asking Ziggy to nominate her. On the other hand, Emily was someone he'd previously said he fancied. How could he go from fancying her to nominating her in a matter of days?
First, Emily had an argument with Ziggy's favorite, Chanelle. Then she got into some bickering with Ziggy himself. That was probably not a clever move, arguing with the only person with nominating power. Polls show the public seems to be strongly leaning in favor of evicting Shabnam, so I am not going much out on a limb in predicting that the dark haired beauty will be the first person evicted, this year. Who goes? You decide. Tune in on Friday night to watch the first live eviction.

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