Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lesley Walks!

This morning, the oldest housemate in "Big Brother" history waked out on the show. Lesley, aged 60, who's been moaning that she wanted to leave several times during the past week, finally made good on her threat. I am both angry and disappointed over this. I am angry because I have auditioned for the past two years to be a housemate, myself. Here she got to be on the show and she quits after 10 days. To me, she's wasted an opportunity that another person could have had. I am disappointed because I found her entertaining. She had a dry wit, filled with sarcasm and eccentric commentary, laced with a patronizing disdain for the other housemates. As someone over 45, I could relate to her attitudes on life. I liked her so much, I was considering betting on her, to win. I'm now glad I didn't.

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