Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Brother's Big Mouth: Not Again!

Some of you who were watching "Big Brother's Big Mouth," last night, have contacted me, saying you couldn't see me on the show. That's strange. Did you look really, really hard? It's because I wasn't on it you numpties! I arrived at Elstree Studios, promptly, only to have a visit from an old friend. My nose started bleeding, again! After spending an hour in the toilet, next to the waiting room, I decided to bow out for the night and head to the hospital. My Artist friend, Jan, dropped me off at Barnet Hospital, the closest to Elstree, then headed back do she could participate in the broadcast. There was no reason she should miss out, as well as me.
After two hours of waiting, bleeding all over he A & E reception area I was finally taken in to the A & E ward. They put me on a gurney and left me to wait some more. When I eventually saw a doctor, he was pretty useless. The only good thing he did was call a specialist hospital for ear, nose, and throat. They immediately agreed to accept me as a transfer. I was driven from Barnet all the way to central London, near Kings Cross. At this new hospital, I was seen by an ENT specialist, who was tall, very thin, blond, and cute. She did an excellent job of cauterizing the bleeding blood vessel. The bleeding stopped and, so far, hasn't returned.
By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I arrived at my door at 6:30AM, just in time to get up and get ready for work. I was so tired, I contemplated taking the day off, but I am too dedicated an employee to do that. I dragged myself around work, today, figuring I could sleep when I got home. After work, before I could get in bed, someone from BBBM called. They were thinking of using me for a feature, as a caller. So, something good may come out of events, after all. Stay tuned to BBBM, in case.

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