Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Urban Legends

Last night, I finally saw my episode of "Urban Legends" on TV. Because the TV listings don't indicate which episode it is in advance, I didn't know it was going to be on. I have been just trying to catch every episode looking for it, but have missed a few. A close, personal friend of mine told me, over the weekend, that she'd seen the episode I was supposed to be in a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't seen me. I panicked. Had I ended up on the cutting room floor? As I watched last night, there I was in the middle segment. In each episode of "Urban Legends," there are three stories. Two of the stories are false, or are "urban legends." The third one is true. I acted in one of the stories, playing office manager, Elliot Wakiaski. My segment involves a guy who dies at his desk, while working in an office, and isn't discovered for a week.
I was really excited to see the episode, finally. We filmed it last summer. I have a speaking part, which was scripted, although we did some takes with me ad libbing some lines. I was thrilled to see that two of my ad libs made it into the finally cut. If you didn't happen to see last night's episode, don't fret. It will be re-broadcast this Friday night, at midnight (going into Saturday morning). In the UK and Ireland, it's on the FX Channel, Sky 165 (and again an hour later on +1, channel 166). The series is also supposed to air in America and Canada, although I don't know when, or on what channels. Check your local listings if you live in the USA or Canada.

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