Monday, June 18, 2007

Ocean's 13

On Saturday, a close, personal friend of mine treated me to dinner and a movie. Actually, it was movie then dinner, but I don't think the order matters too much. We went to see "Ocean's 13," the second sequel in the modern "Ocean's" franchise. After acknowledging that the first sequel, "Ocean's 12," was a load of crap, the film makers promised to do better by the audience, this time. That promise was kept, but only just. As my friend hadn't seen the modern version of "Ocean's 11," nor the Frank Sinatra original, we watched it on DVD before going to see "13." The latest outing still doesn't compare favorably with "11." Both Julia Roberts and "12's" Catherine Zeta Jones are absent from "13." All the original guys are back and the additional 13th man is, I suppose, the father of Matt Damon's character.
Al Pacino plays the bad guy/target in this film. I normally love Pacino's work and have previously stated that he is capable of making a bad film worth watching. This time, he didn't. I found his performance in "Ocean's 13" unusually uninspiring. It was okay, but nothing special. The plot is so complicated, I found myself wondering when the action was going to start. Personally, I would recommend waiting for this one to be on DVD, as ticket prices are so expensive these days, I wouldn't spend one's limited budget on such a mediocre excursion.

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