Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Program Alert Update: Nevermind

After driving all the way to Borehamwood and standing in line at Elstree Studios, I was refused entry by the staff of "Big Brother's Big Mouth," tonight. Their reason was that they claimed they couldn't take the chance that I might get another nose bleed. Despite the fact that I had an operation to stop the problem, a week ago, and have had no problem with nose bleeding since my last hospital visit, they would not be swayed. After I complained about the expense I had gone to in driving there, I managed to get the cost of petrol out of them. The person I spoke to, who didn't give her name, kept repeating the mantra of "health and safety." I would like to know who's health and who's safety? So, there's no need to watch, unless you were going to anyway. Ironically, Mucky Sarah sent me a text from inside the ready room, stating that they were short of audience members, tonight. I can't say I have the least bit of sympathy for them. All I ended up with was buying a comfort DVD.

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