Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You Never Know Who's Reading.

Yesterday, at work, I found out that the Assistant Manager of the restaurant has started reading my blog. I got into a conversation with her and the new Manager, after I finished my work. I should have left immediately and gone to get my haircut, as planned, but I so love to talk and perform in front of even the tiniest audience. Anyway, I managed to get my hair cut today, instead.
The Assistant Manager mentioned that I never seem to write about her, in my blog. I'm not sure if that was a complaint, or merely an observation. The simple matter is that she and I don't interact that much, on a daily basis. Also, I tend to write about the people at work who do something stupid. She just doesn't do much in the way of dumb stuff. Recently, she started wearing some new shoes to work. I suppose I could start writing about that. They are black, heeled sandals, with a closed toe. A wise choice, they look great on her. She also had her hair cut and is sporting a new hair style. I'm not sure why she's getting all glammed up, as she's already married. With a charming smile and big eyes. she doesn't need new clothing, or a new hairstyle, to get people to do what she wants. I wonder if the knowledge that she is reading my blog is enough to cause me to hold back on what I say?

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