Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Am I Being Type Cast?

Yesterday, my agent called. When I received the voicemail, I felt excited. Oh boy! Work!! Of course, me being me, I waited till I got home to call back. It's cheaper calling from my home phone than from my mobile. At home, I pulled up the number for the agency from the memory on my fancy, new, cordless phone handset. I love technology. The phone rang at their end. A woman answered and told me her name, which was entirely forgettable. I asked for the woman who had left me the message. The answerer asked my name. "Joseph Brennan," I said.
"What was that surname?" she asked again.
"Brennan," I replied.
"Can you spell that?" she asked.
I SHOULD have said...I should have said, "yes, T.H.A.T." Instead, I thought, "oh for fuck's sake," and said, "B.R.E.N.N.A.N." She put me on hold.
She came back off hold and said, "the person who called you was...," giving the exact same name as I had asked for when she answered. Duh! She then said that the woman was busy and could I call back tomorrow. It's nice to know they are so desperate to speak to me. "Hold everything, Mr. Brennan is on the phone."
"What time should I call back?" I asked, for further clarification. I didn't want a repeat of this fiasco.
"In the morning," she said. Gee, how specific. I agreed and hung up. Damn, that would mean using my mobile phone. Why the heck couldn't she just call me back? Maybe the agency owns shares in mobile phone companies. The real way they earn money is by luring desperate actors to call them from mobiles.
I decided to call at 10AM, during my breakfast break. So today, I pulled out my phone during breakfast, in front of my co-workers, and brought up the agency's number from the phone memory. I love technology. When the agency answered, I asked for the same woman I had asked for yesterday. Again, I was asked my name. I gave it, but this time the person who answered managed to understand me on the first go. The woman I needed to speak to came to the phone. Even though I had given my name to the person who answered, I said my name again and that I was returning her call. She sounded like she had no idea who I am. Great. I reminded her that she called me, yesterday, then she seemed to remember. She then asked me if I was available at the end of April and the beginning of May, for a couple of days of filming. "Sure," I said.
She went on to tell me that she wanted to submit me for some show for the Discovery Channel. "They want Americans," I heard her say. Am I being type cast as an American? It seems that most of the work I have gotten, over the past nine months, has been because someone was looking for Americans. At the end of the day, I don't care too much, so long as I get work. She asked me if it was okay for her to submit me for the show. What was I supposed to say? No? So I told her yes, to please submit me.
After I hung up, I turned to the Nepalese I call "Billy," who was seated to my left, and said, "that was my agent." You gotta love the pretentiousness of it.

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