Saturday, March 24, 2007

Little Scotland Annie

Yesterday was Annie's birthday. Who's Annie? She's this woman who works where I work. She mans one of the two coffee bars that our restaurant provides, out in the office complex. I have no idea how old Annie is, although, judging by the wrinkles, I would guess she's over 60. She is so pretty, I always tell her how pretty she looks. She says it brightens her day. She has short, blond hair and sparkling eyes, sitting behind delicate, rimless eyeglasses. She's so thin, I might even say too thin. While she may not have voluptuous curves, her delightful, pixie face is so lovely, I don't usually notice her boyish frame.
Not only does Annie look lovely, she's got such an innocent, gentle way about her. I have never seen her angry, or even heard her utter a cross word. She also has a gentle, Scottish accent, probably because she's from Scotland. It's not one of these harsh Scottish accents that some people have, but caresses the ear, like a gentle sea breeze on a summer day. Why is it that people from Scotland talk so funny? You'd think they'd notice that they speak differently from the rest of the people in Britain. It can be endearing on certain people, like Scotty, from "Star Trek," or on Annie herself. On others, not so, particularly on the men. I notice that I keep coming across older Scottish women who look very beautiful. What is it about Scottish women that they can look so good in their later years, while many other British women look like they are coming apart at the seams? Annie's husband is fortunate to have a wife who's still such a delight.

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