Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cat Nap

I have fallen into a new pattern. I keep falling asleep while watching TV, then waking up in the middle of the night. I thought one cause of this was not taking my traditional nap when I get home from work. Since Nando came back from Italy, I have been sitting with him and watching TV, when I get home, rather than napping. Here in England, many people say "kip," instead of nap. I wonder where that came from? They have lots of odd little ways of saying things, here. That's one of the things that makes Britain a fun place to visit if you are American. They sort of speak English, but it's different enough to feel foreign. Anyway, today I did have a kip, but still I fell asleep early, then woke up again. Oh dear, what ever is happening with my sleeping pattern?
Sometimes I think it would be great not to have to sleep. I know I feel sleepy just because there is a chemical released in my body to make me feel that way. If I didn't have to sleep, there would be more time to get stuff done. I wouldn't feel pressured to rush out a blog article and end up writing about almost nothing. On the other hand, I enjoy sleeping so much. Have you ever noticed how cats sleep a lot? That must be the life. The biggest decisions a cat has to make, on any given day, are, "do I sleep now, or latter?" and "should I sleep here, or there?" Oh no, the birds have started chirping. Maybe that's why cats chase birds, so they will stop making that bloody racket and ruining an opportunity to sleep. Oh well, I am off to bed.

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