Sunday, April 01, 2007

There's No Fool Like An April Fool (Meeting the Black Queen)

Today is the tenth anniversary of my initial "meeting" with the woman who would go on to become the Black Queen. I say "meeting," but it wasn't face to face. it was a virtual meeting, in a chat room. As it was just over three months after the end of my relationship with Paula, I was looking to meet someone new. When she first spoke with me, I thought she was a guy, so I was a bit standoffish. Once I realized she was female, my usual charm offensive took over. Learning that she was half English and half Chinese intensified my interest. I love British accents and I have always been partial to oriental females. We exchanged photos and I found her attractive in her picture.
Everything wasn't clear sailing. I learned that she was separated from her husband and had two young children. Not letting myself be deterred, I called her on the phone. We continued talking over the internet and by telephone, every day, over the next two weeks. By then, I was certain I wanted to meet this enticing woman. I told her that I was prepared to fly to Britain and meet face to face. She agreed and I purchased a ticket to fly to London, before the end of the month. We planned on seeing each other over a weekend, then I would drive to Wales and visit the Great Michelle's brother for four days. I would return to the London area the following Thursday and spend a four day weekend with her, before flying back to New York. The visit to Wales was necessitated by the fact that my prospective girlfriend was still living with he husband she was separated from. She didn't want him to know about me, yet.
I flew to London's Gatwick airport with high hopes. When I entered the arrivals hall, I scanned the crowd for my internet girlfriend. As I first spotted her and we exchanged initial eye contact, I could tell by the expression on her face that she was disappointed. It seemed obvious that I didn't look as good as she had been expecting. My heart sank. At least I would get to see Michelle's brother, so I figured the trip wouldn't be a complete waste of time. My reaction was the opposite. She looked much better than I was expecting. The photo she had sent me hadn't done her justice. As we walked to the multi-story car park at Gatwick's South Terminal, she was very quiet. For safety, she had a friend drive her to Gatwick, so she wasn't alone. Her friend, another woman, drove away from the airport with me and my intended sitting together in the back seat. A hotel room had been reserved for me in a town called Langley, not far from where my intended's parents lived. During the drive there, I reached out to her and we kissed for the first time. It was a good move, as once I kissed her, she melted into my arms, all her disappointment in my looks forgotten.
At the hotel, I checked into my room. My blind date had arranged for some food to be waiting for me, when I arrived, as the hotel restaurant was closed, due to the late hour. She also had arranged for a bottle of champagne to be waiting in my room. We shared the champagne, then continued intimately kissing. I was impressed with how competently this half-oriental beauty had arranged everything. She stayed with me until the early hours of the morning, then drove home, promising to return later, during the day.
We spent as much time as possible together, during that first weekend. Then it was time for me to drive to Wales in a rented car. It was good to see Michelle's brother again, but my thoughts were occupied with my internet sweetheart. I told him about the girl who was stealing my heart. Soon it was time to head back to the London area. I drove back east, on the M4 motorway, as fast as I could. She had arranged for us to spend the weekend together at the Hilton hotel in Bracknell, Berkshire, just outside London. Ironically, I now live less than a mile from this hotel. Again, it was close to her parents' home, yet it was a much nicer hotel than I had stayed in at Langley. I checked in first, then she joined me, later. The next day, Friday of the first weekend in May, we met her parents for dinner at a local restaurant. It was her mother and her step-father, as her mother was on her second marriage. They seemed friendly enough. By then, I was thinking of my internet beauty as my girlfriend. She had planned for us to attend the theatre in Windsor, across the street from the Queen's castle, on Saturday. She dressed very classy, in black and I enjoyed going to a play with her.
Soon it was Monday morning and time for me to head home. During my visit, after the first time we made love, she had cried tears of happiness. She told me it was the first time in her life that she had been orgasmic with a man. I felt honored. That Monday, we sat in the car and she cried tears of sadness that I was leaving. We pledged to keep seeing each other and I flew home to New York a happy man. I was in love once again.

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