Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lemsip and Ginger Cake

The first thing I should tell you is that I caught a cold, or the flu, or something, this week. How do you tell the difference between a cold and the flu? Everyone else always seems to get the flu, while I seem to get colds. I guess I don't feel the need to be overly dramatic about it. It stated with a scratchy throat on Sunday, and now it's full blown. I'm sure I had a fever when I got home from work, today. I had this suspicion that, somewhere, I had some leftover cold and flu medicine. This Saturday will be one year since I moved into this house. I still haven't completely unpacked. Last night, I rooted around amongst some of my not yet unpacked stuff and I managed to find my old bottle of decongestant spray. Some help, but not a panacea. Tonight, I was determined to find the complete cold medicine. Success!
I found a crushed box of Lemsip Max capsules. For those of you not familiar with the UK over-the-counter drug market, Lemsip originated as a powder you make into a hot drink, which relieved cold and flu symptoms. Quite ironically, it is lemon flavored. I used to use it, but boiling the water and mixing the powder with it was so much bother. Then some genius decided to expand the brand and put Lemsip into capsules. No need to boil water and spend time drinking stuff. Just swallow two capsules and away we go. The bad news is that there were only two doses left in the crushed box. I decided to take one dose at 8PM. It's good for four hours. That would cover the evening's TV watching. I kept the second dose in reserve and hope to buy more on the way home from work, tomorrow. Once I started to feel the effects of the Lemsip, I felt so much better. Over the last hour, I have slowly eaten a generous sized piece of ginger cake. Now I feel high on ginger cake and Lemsip. The fever is gone and I actually feel pretty good. Billy Crystal once played a character who said, "it's better to look good than to feel good." I think I disagree with that. I may not look that good, but I feel good and that's great.

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