Monday, April 02, 2007

The Axis Reborn?

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you will be aware that my housemate, M1, recently moved out. Not being an altruist, my landlord has been trying to secure a replacement. This past weekend, he succeeded. On Saturday, he rented the vacant room to an Austrian bus driver, who I shall henceforth call, "the Austrian." The Austrian is 59 years old, so I am no longer the oldest in the house. Nando's initial reaction wasn't that positive. Yesterday, the Austrian came home from work with four cans of cold beer for us to share and invited me, and Nando, to get acquainted. Nando had already had two cans of Fosters, but he was happy to receive a third. For me, it was my first and only beer of the day.
Nando and I tend to play a version of "good housemate/bad housemate," which involved me doing most of the talking and Nando listening to the interaction between me and the target. Later, Nando and I compare notes. It was easy to get the new guy to talk about himself. Later, Nando expressed the opinion that the Austrian talked too much. The Austrian was describing his work as a bus driver, telling us how much he got annoyed by some of the passengers, when he suddenly stated that "blacks are the worst," then quickly said, "I'm not a racist."
Nando started laughing, heartily, and said, "I am. Don't be afraid to admit you are a racist," Nando advised. At least they had something in common. It's almost like a recreation of the Axis powers from World War II. Austria and Germany merged, and Hitler was originally Austrian, so the new guy would represent that side. Italy was a part of the Axis, so Nando would represent that side. That leaves Japan. We don't have a housemate to represent Japan. The Black Queen was half Chinese, maybe she can do as a fill-in. Here I am, the lone American surrounded by fascists.

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