Monday, April 16, 2007

Kate No Date

This weekend, the world was shocked to learn that Prince William and Kate Middleton have broken up. So many people were speculating that the Prince and Kate would end up getting married. Could that speculation have actually led to the breakup? Kate's mother stated her career as an airline flight attendant, then became a self-made millionaire. One rumor circulating is that Prince William's blue blood friends were in the habit of quipping, just after Kate would leave a room, "doors to manual," in mocking reference to something flight attendants say sometimes.
They had been dating over four years and some scientists say that the average duration of a human, romantic relationship is four years. They met during university. Maybe they are just naturally going their separate ways. William may not be ready to think seriously of marrying. Neither may Kate. I didn't get married till I was 38. I certainly wouldn't have been ready when I was 24. But the most shocking revelation in all of this? Kate lives in the same county as I do. I wonder why I've never seen her and William, when I've been at Tesco?

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