Monday, April 09, 2007

A Monday Off, in Walton

Today, I attended the Open Air Exhibition in Walton-on-Thames, with my friend, Jan the Artist. We had an early start, at 8AM. I managed to persuade the Artist to cook an omelet for me, for breakfast. Leaving my car at her house, we rode together, in her car. Upon arrival, despite being about a half hour later than planned (due to my omelet), we were the second stall to set up. Altogether, there were seven stalls. I was put to work immediately, helping the Artist set up her marquis. Fortunately, she had a good one and no assembling of poles was required. After the marquis was up, she dragooned me into helping to hang pieces of art from the frame, with cello tape (Scotch tape). I didn't enjoy doing that. As my lack of enthusiasm was obvious, she set me a more agreeable task of putting the smaller works into a holder, which would permit customers to browse through them. The Artist had brought a fisherman's chair for me to sit on. Eventually, I was able to park myself in it, while she fussed about, putting the finishing touches on her display. Ah, a place to sit and watch the world go by.
Across from us was a sculptor, who looked enough like my landlord to be his brother. To our right was a hot woman in black boots. She had reddish hair and sort of looked like Grace in "Will & Grace." Further down, on the opposite side, was a sexy, tall, blond, selling jewellery. The blond asked me where the weights to anchor the marquis were. I tried to be helpful, of course. Around the corner was a French market, which helped draw a crowd. Although the weather was bright and sunny, it didn't feel that warm, especially because we were in shade. I did my best to help draw prospective customers. The artist's work was the best of any of those who had work on display. For my efforts, she provided me with Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars, crisps, bottled water, hot chocolate, and some muffins.
During the afternoon, I took a break and wandered through the French market. Stopping in Woolworth's, I found a DVD of "Top Gun" on sale. Since it was cheap, I decided to treat myself and bought a copy. I also managed to visit three charity shops. As I suspected, there were loads of attractive women walking through the exhibition. I managed to meet several girls who Jan had taught in school. A woman named Anna stopped to admire the work and talk with the Artist. I managed to butt into the conversation and convince her to try reading my blog. Some passers by recognized me from a sketch the Artist had done of me, which was on display.
All too soon, it was time to go home. We ended up selling only a couple of pieces, but it was a fun day. Reluctantly, I helped the Artist dismantle her display and put it in the car. After the show was over, the Artist offered me a delicious, home cooked meal, as thanks for my help. Together, I think we ate up all the profits in snacks, meals, and drinks. Oh well, it was publicity for us both. Tomorrow, I am back at work at the restaurant. At least it's only a four day work week, then I will be off again. If you didn't attend today, you really missed out.

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