Saturday, April 07, 2007

Walton-on-Thames Open Air Exhibition

If you haven't come up with something to do for Monday and you're in or near Surrey, England, you should check out the Open Air Art Exhibition in Walton-on-Thames this Monday. The exhibition will be on the corner of Hepworth Way and High Street, between 10AM and 4PM. Walton-on-Thames is a cool, riverside town, in Surrey. Julie Andrews was born there and it is home of the world's first Aston Martin dealership. How cool is that? It should be a nice, sunny spring day and there are nice views of the river.
A good reason to attend the exhibition is that a close, personal friend of mine, Jan the Artist, will be displaying her work there, as well as offering pieces for sale at reasonable prices. She will have prints and originals, oil paintings, water colors, and sketches. You can check out Jan and her art at: . I have persuaded Jan to do charcoal sketches of people on the spot, again at a bargain price. As an added bonus, I have agreed to make a personal appearance there, so come on down. I will be willing to sign autographs, discuss my film and TV work, make fun of you and your friends, all free of charge. Come early, because I'm not standing around all bloody day, you know. Women residents out number male residents, so fellas, it could be a great place to meet ladies. The train from London Waterloo Station only takes 25 minutes. Bring money, because we ain't giving these paintings away free, you know. Rumors are that some other celebrities might turn up. See you there!

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