Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pre-Easter Ramblings

Today was my last day of work until Tuesday. Ironically, I used to like a band, in the 1980s, called Til Tuesday. After work, a bunch of folks from work went out to have a sort of going away party for the old Head Chef and old Manager, as they are leaving. Nothing eventful happened there. It was so warm, we were able to sit outside at the first pub. It feels like a Friday, because I am off tomorrow. I managed to mail my mother an Easter card, after work. This is kind of to make up for not sending a Christmas card. I miss talking with her. I received notification that I won two tickets to a screening of the new film, "Curse of the Golden Flower." My curse is that I don't have anybody to go with. My new curse is that I feel sleepy. Goodnight.

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