Sunday, April 08, 2007

Playing Easter Bunny

I woke up today and it was Easter Sunday. Here in Britain, there is a tradition of giving Easter eggs to people. Not the hard boiled eggs with the dyed shells, like I used to make with my mother, when I was a child in America. Here, people give chocolate Easter eggs. In America, we used to give chocolate Easter bunnies. At the end of the day, it probably doesn't make a lot of difference. Chocolate is chocolate.
On Friday, a close personal friend of mine came to visit. She's very generous and brought me a fancy, chocolate Easter egg, packaged with three boxes of chocolates. Last night, as I was invited to Jan the Artist's for dinner, I decided I should stop and buy an Easter egg for her and one for her daughter. I was on a tight budget, though. As it was the day before, I hoped that I would catch a sale of some sort.
On the way to Jan's, I stopped at Sainsbury's. I found the seasonal items aisle and looked over the eggs on offer. I started at the expensive end and worked my way down. Finally, I found an offer for three moderately sized white chocolate eggs for a fixed price. The only problem was that I only needed two. What could I do? I bought the three. One would just be for me. When I arrived at Jan's, both her and her daughter were very surprised and pleased with my gifts. Who needs the Easter Bunny? Happy Easter to all my friends and blog readers.

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