Friday, April 13, 2007

My Lucky Day?

I was sitting here, wondering what to write about. All of the sudden. I remembered that it was Friday the 13th, today. 13 is my favorite number. I embraced it, years ago. One thing about it that appealed to me is that many people are superstitious about it and think it's unlucky. Since I was a child, I have been a bit of a contrarian. This leads me to often embrace that which other people shun. I am not superstitious at all. If I ever get another cat, I'd like a black cat and I will name him Satan.
So, if Friday the 13th is considered "unlucky," it should be lucky for me, right? There is the slight problem that I don't believe in luck. Still, how did the day measure up? Why am I asking you? How the heck would you know? It started out with a headache. Literally. Of course, due to "health and safety" considerations, they refuse to give out aspirin, at work. They will give a band aid, but not aspirin. How's that supposed to help my health and safety? Obviously, the aspirin would eliminate my headache, thereby improving my health. What good would putting a band aid on my skull do? Ironically, they will happily sell me aspirin at the shop run by our company. It's okay to sell it to me, but not give it to me. Health and safety, sure.
There was no haddock left over to take home. That doesn't sound so lucky. Chef Anthony's car broke down, on the way to work. That could almost seem like "unlucky," for him. He asked me to drive him home. Of course, I agreed. Because he was keen to get out early, he helped me finish my work. That could seem like luck for me. I ended up leaving work fifteen minutes early. At home, I took Ibuprofen and then had a three hour nap. When I woke up, my headache was gone. I had a nice dinner, with some delightful chocolate truffles for dessert. I feel rested and great. So, it ended up feeling like a wonderful day. No conclusive evidence for, or against, luck, but who cares? I feel wonderful anyway.

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