Sunday, April 15, 2007

Artist of the Week: Ben Mills

This week, I am pleased to select Ben Mills as my artist of the week. Ben came in third in the third series of "X Factor," last year. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with him on the "X Factor." I was totally enraptured by the ultimate winner, Leona Lewis. Imagine my surprise when I recently saw a catchy music video and I thought the singer looked like "that guy from 'X Factor.' " Checking the artist on screen, I was pleased to have it confirmed that I was right, it was Ben Mills. The song is "Beside You" and I had to admit that I liked it. It seems like Ben has cut his hair a bit shorter than it was on "X Factor," which is a better look for him.
"Beside You" was supposed to be the first single from his album, "Picture of You." The single was supposed to be released on March 5th, with the album out March 12th, but rumor has it that the record company, Sony BMG, decided not to release the single, but concentrate on album sales, instead. I am not sure about the wisdom of that decision, but I love the song, "Beside You." I think it's the best thing to have come out from any of the last "X Factor" series contestants, including the winner, so far. Well done, Ben! Simon Cowell has compared Ben to a young Joe Cocker. I prefer Ben when he's doing original material, like "Beside You," to the covers that he had to do on the show. I give credit where credit is due. Those of you in the US market should particularly take note of this young man. British artists often find it difficult to break into the American market. So get behind Ben and ask your radio stations to play him. You can check out Ben on Myspace, at: . Add him as a friend and tell him I sent you.



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