Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dick On the Rise

See, if I write about you, good things happen to you. The police woman I wrote about on Saturday (see "What a Dick!" 17 February, 2007), has been promoted. Cressida Dick has now been made Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, in London, which is one of the highest positions in the department. She's probably an over-achiever, trying to make up for her unfortunate name. Dick's rise is not without controversy, though. It turns out that she was the commander in charge of the operation that resulted in the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, in July, 2005. Jean Charles' family are not happy about Miss Dick's promotion. Perhaps they just don't like Dick. Whenever a Dick goes up, someone complains. Cressida is welcome to contact me for an interview. She could let me put her positive side forward. Perhaps she would bring along her handcuffs. She might frisk me. Would she be able to find my concealed weapon?

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