Sunday, February 18, 2007

Britney Spears Needs Me

Pop Princess, Britney Spears continues to engage in strange behavior. First she reportedly checked into rehab, only to check herself out again after only a day. Now, she's gone and shaved off all of her hair, then headed to a tattoo parlor. No, I'm not talking about her snapping gyro hair, like the Flower, I mean all the hair on her head. Despite the efforts of Sinead O'Connor, a bald head is not a very attractive look for a young woman to pull off, particularly if you are a pop star. All over the world, people are speculating if Britney is coming apart at the seams.
Ever since the announcement of her divorce from Kevin Federline, she seems to be bouncing off walls. First she was photographed out in public without panties. Just last week, she was reported to have exchanged clothes with some pole dancers. Now this! Britney needs a calming influence in her life. We all know what that means. She needs me. Britney, dear...get in touch. You can always turn to me and I will protect your privacy.

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