Thursday, February 15, 2007

Liz Hurley's Guest List

Recently, Hugh Grant revealed that he has been left off the guest list for former girlfriend, Liz Hurley's, upcoming wedding. The luscious Hurley is set to marry Indian tycoon, Arun Nayar, next month. In an interview with "Hello!" magazine, Grant said it was not surprising that he'd not been invited. He doesn't think that many people would invite an ex to their wedding. What is surprising is that Hugh is a year younger than me. I invited my ex, Paula, to my wedding, and she attended. What is even more surprising is that Liz Hurley seems to have forgotten to invite me, as well. Why is she marrying this Nayar fellow, anyway? Besides wealth, what's he got that I haven't got? I bet I am a lot funnier than he is and all. I bet I am funnier than Hugh Grant, as well. Ladies, don't settle for second best, when you can have me. One at a time, now. No shoving.

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